Makan Makan Asian Food Village

March 11, 2012

When we went to Manila Ocean Park, my sister and I ate lunch at the Makan Makan Asian Food Village. They serve Southeast Asian food from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. They also serve Chinese and Western dishes. 

The table setting with our Lemon Barley (P50)

We ordered Roti Prata, Chicken Satay, Yang Chow Fried Rice and Fried Coffee Spareribs. For drinks, we both got the Lemon Barley.  

Roti Prata (P120) - Indian flat bread with tasty curry dip. A Singaporean favorite appetizer 

Chicken Satay (5 pcs - P150) - Chicken barbeque skewers served with peanut sauce

Yang Chow Fried Rice (for 2-3 P275)

Fried Coffee Spareribs (for 2-3 P390) - Fried pork ribs in coffee sauce

At first, we were intimidated to eat at Makan Makan because we thought it was a fine dining restaurant and we thought that the food would be expensive. We were surprised that the price of the food was just right for our budget. There was nothing special with the food that we ordered but there were a lot of food choices. The service was not that good though because the waiters were not that attentive. We have to call them twice or three times so that our water can be refilled. All in all, the Makan Makan experience was just okay.

Would I visit them again? Maybe not anytime soon but I’m sure I would try Makan Makan again. How about you? Have you tried Makan Makan? What do you recommend I try next time?

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