Cebu Trip Day 3 of 3

June 06, 2010 

Last day in Cebu! We met with my sister’s officemate, Eric, then went again to the Basilica del Sto. Niño and Magellan’s Cross. Right after a quick breakfast, Tabo-an Market was the next destination to buy pasalubong or treats for family and friends then went to the South Reclamation Project (SRP) to snap some shots. We went home and got ready just in time for our 12 noon flight.

I forgot to tell you from my previous posts that I forgot to bring clothes for sleeping. I bought an extra shirt in the Island Souvenirs in the Ayala Center the day we went to Casa Verde. Souvenir shirt + extra shirt! I love it! :) If you’re gonna buy souvenir shirts, buy it there. I think I bought mine for only P299.50! Lesson learned: don’t bring enough clothes so you have to buy a souvenir shirt! =P

Souvenir shirt from Island Souvenirs

We woke up very early (around 6 or 7 AM) to cover some ground since we have to leave the hotel around 10 AM to catch the 12 noon flight. We went first to the Basilica because Eric wanted to light a candle and say a short prayer. After that, we went for a quick breakfast at Chowking.

Basilica del Sto.Niño early in the morning

Tapa, Longganisa, Ham and Egg at Chowking

Tabo-an Market was the next destination after the breakfast. Eric’s Cebuano friend was our guide and he knows where to buy the best treats or pasalubongs. We went to Niño and Khristy Dried Fish and Pasalubong store and to get there, you have to criss cross inside the market to find this store. Just a warning, if you will go here, don’t take a bath yet. You will smell like dried fish or danggit after. That’s what we did. =P Unfortunately, the strap of my camera caught the fishy smell. Of course that smell is now gone.

A mound of dried fish and squid (danggit and pusit)

A mound of dried fish (danggit)

Danggit is a Cebu delicacy. “It is a salted dried fish that is best paired with hot rice and dipped in vinegar” (from Cebu Central). We bought around 6 bags of this mainly for our family and friends. We bought also Titay’s Rosquillos, Chicharon, Dried Mangoes (another Cebu delicacy), etc. 

My sister and Eric inside the store

We went back to Magellan’s Cross because it was closed when we went there before the Basilica earlier that morning. Eric paid a dancing lady to say prayers for him (she’s the lady in the yellow skirt below) about his career, life, etc. They do the traditional Sinulog dance for the prayers. We snapped a few shots again in the Magellan’s Cross. After that, we dropped off the boxes of pasalubong in our hotel then went out again. 

Dancing lady saying prayers for Eric

Me, the cross and the painting above

Eric’s friend brought us in the South Reclamation Project (SRP) to take pictures and chill for a moment. It’s like Manila Bay or Subic Boardwalk. The place we stayed for a bit was an area with several chairs facing the ocean. The shore have rocks that looks like jackstones.

Big jackstones along the shore of SRP

The sun reflecting the shore of SRP

My sister enjoying the view of SRP

Finally, we went back to the hotel to fix ourselves then went to the airport to catch our flight. We requested a window seat and unfortunately, the only available window seat is at the back row. I thought it would be ok but it was not. I still enjoyed taking pictures of the clouds and the ground below. :)

Lovely clouds

What island is that? Hmmmm..

Overall, I did enjoy my stay in Cebu but it was quite short. On the other hand, I was disappointed because we only ate at Casa Verde and according to my research, there are lots of places to eat at Cebu. It’s alright I guess because it was our first time and we still don’t know where to go. I surely go back in Cebu! :)

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