Another Agno Food Post

October 04, 2012

A drink that would let you think your drinking Ferrero Rocher chocolates, a Middle Eastern dish that was just meh and a chicken dish that should be called something else. Read on.


Hazelnut Brownie (P75) from Taroshii


Beef Shawarma Rice (P70) from Mom and Dad’s Shawarma


Chicken Melt (P75) from Caric’s Republic

The Hazelnut Brownie is an ice blended drink with chocolate, hazelnut, cream and milk. I don’t really know if they really blend Ferrero chocolates but it sure taste like it. This one is really a must try. The Shawarma Rice was just okay but the generous serving is a plus. I already ordered it before here if you want to see. The garlic in the Chicken Melt is overpowering that it should be called Garlic Melt with chicken although the serving of chicken is also generous. Maybe a teaspoon of garlic is enough with this dish. 

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A Chunky Food Trip from Agno

August 13, 2012

One lunch time, I was really hungry and I used the legendary Agno Delivery again. And this time, I abused the service. I ordered from three different food stalls. haha! You can see the first time I used the service here.  

I ordered Beef Shawarma Rice from Mom and Dad’s Shawarma, Fish Fillet in Lemon Butter Sauce (P75) from Caric’s Republic and Chunky Monkey (P75) from Taroshii. 

Beef Shawarma Rice (P60) from Mom and Dad’s Shawarma

Fish Fillet in Lemon Butter Sauce (P75) from Caric’s Republic

Chunky Monkey (P75) from Taroshii - Banana, Hazelnut, Dark chococolate, Chocolate chips, and Milk

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Shawarma Rice from Food Channel. I’m still sticking with my previous review of Food Channel.

Shawarma Rice from Food Channel. I’m still sticking with my previous review of Food Channel.

First Time in Salcedo Market

After drinking at Fab ‘til the wee hours of the morning, we decided to go visit Salcedo Market. I’ve wanted to go here for a long time but since it’s only open on Saturday mornings, it seems impossible for me. Solution: Drink until morning and go in the morning organic market.

I thought everything would be expensive but I was wrong. As we were walking around, looking for food that will satisfy our half-drunk half-sleepy hungry stomach, I noticed that a some of the foods were just a little bit over a hundred bucks. 

Salcedo Market

Dimsum and dumplings stall

I bought a fruit blended drink from Juice It. I forgot what it was. I think it was Apple-Banana and it was just below P100. Then Insel bought Takoyaki (4 pcs -P50/ 8 pcs - P100) and Wintermelon Tea (P65). 


Wagyu Shawarma and Roasted Calf after the cut.

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Shawarma at its Best?

September 20, 2011

I finally tried Food Channel Shawarma. It opened around 2 months ago but this resto is still new around the Taft area. It’s located at the ground floor of Green Podium of One Archers Place. The area is quite small which I think can only contain around 15-20 people plus a small table outside. Guests can also watch movies or shows in the high-def TV while dining or waiting for food.

The menu is quite limited: 

Menu (source)

I ordered the Shawarma with Cheese and Shawarma Rice for take-out. 

The shawarma was small but the shaved meat filled the pita bread. 

Regular Shawarma with Cheese (P65)

The shawarma rice after the cut.

The serving of the shawarma in the shawarma rice was quite little. I think it’s not proportional with the rice. It’s like 1 spoonful of shawarma:5 spoonfuls of rice where my ordinary proportion of ulam:kanin is 1 spoonful of ulam:3 spoonfuls of rice. Yes people, eating needs calculations. hahaha!

Shawarma Rice (P80)

The price was quite reasonable considering that many restos around the Taft area charges P100+ for meals. My only problem with Food Channel Shawarma is the shaved meat is bland. I don’t know if the meat was seasoned because it has no taste at all. The sauce cannot even salvage the shawarma and shawarma rice. So, is their tagline “Shawarma at its Best” correct?

I guess not.

Check out their location in the map below:

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